Google Cloud's new Cross-Cloud Network makes it easier to connect applications across clouds

Most large businesses now leverage a number of cloud providers. At its Cloud Next conference today, Google Cloud announced Cross-Cloud Network, a new feature that will make life easier for these businesses. Cross-Cloud Network is a global networking platform that, in Google's words, was "designed to enable customers to gain access to Google services more easily from any cloud."

Among other things, Google promises that using Cross-Cloud Network will reduce network latency by 35% and total cost of ownership by 40%, compared to connecting applications without routing the traffic over Google's network.

"It's really focused on helping to ease the operational requirements of running in these multi-cloud environments and enable them to focus on running their business and supporting their applications, as opposed to just operating the network," said Mark Lohmeyer, Google Cloud's VP and GM for compute and ML infrastructure.

On the security side, Cross-Cloud Network is backed by Google's ML-powered zero trust security suite.

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Read more about Google Cloud Next 2023 on TechCrunch