Good Morning Britain viewers left stunned as Ed Balls kicks Susanna Reid in the head

Good Morning Britain was briefly derailed on Wednesday (17 January) when Ed Balls accidentally kicked co-anchor Susanna Reid in the head.

The hosts of ITV’s breakfast news show had been discussing the etiquette of where to rest your feet when on a flight or train ride when the awkward accident occurred.

While seated in chairs arranged as if on a typical aeroplane or train, Balls, 56, swung his feet to rest at the top of Reid’s chair directly in front of his.

Unfortunately, he caught the back of Reid’s head in the motion, causing her to bend over in shock and grab her head.

“I think we’ve decided it’s not OK,” she said drily, still holding the impacted area. “I don’t know if I can carry on doing the programme, I’m seeing stars!”

Fortunately, Reid, 53, was able to continue the show. Later, the hosts commented on the unexpected clash with Reid sharing a comment from a viewer that suggested she claim “danger money” for her troubles.

Reid said: “This is what happened a little earlier – when we were talking about ‘should you put your feet up on the seat’ – you probably shouldn’t kick the person in front in the head.”

As Balls cringed, the broadcaster continued: “Honestly, no lasting damage, although my eyesight did go blurry for about 20 minutes.”

In response to the incident, viewers were quick to share their shock and surprise at the blunder.

“Didn’t have @edballs kicking @susannareid100 in the head on today’s Bingo card,” wrote one person on Twitter/X.

‘GMB’ presenter Ed Balls kicks co-host Susanna Reid in the head (ITV)
‘GMB’ presenter Ed Balls kicks co-host Susanna Reid in the head (ITV)

Another added: “Woke up. Saw Ed Balls kick Susanna Reid in the head. Went back to bed.”

Elsewhere, a viewer credited the clip for providing a surprising instalment of midweek levity, writing: “Every time I see the clip I get the giggles – a cheery start to a freezing Wednesday!”

However, other viewers poked fun at Reid “hamming up” her response to the kick.

“Susanna’s am-dram performance after getting kicked in the head by Ed Balls is already my favourite moment in 2024,” declared one Twitter/X user, while another added: “I know the Oscars are coming up, but come on...”

Though Good Morning Britain has a rotating series of presenters, the show will be without Kate Garraway for the foreseeable future, following the death of her husband Derek Draper earlier this month.

Earlier this week, Garraway was flooded with support after cruel comments from former Apprentice contestant Katie Hopkins surfaced.