Gold Coast spear fisherman stares down great white

Krystal Johnson

A Gold Coast spear fisherman has captured the moment he and his friends were stalked by a four-metre great white shark while diving off Moreton Island.

Brett Levingston, Kurt Zietlow, Anthony Sercombe and Jamie McCully had their boat anchored 2 metres offshore and were fishing in the water when the inquisitive predator arrived.

Four anglers were spear fishing 2 metres off Moreton Island. Photo: Facebook

Mr Zietlow told Yahoo7 the shark eyed them off one-by-one at the same time as three bullsharks and one bronze whaler were circling beneath them.

The great white first circled behind Mr McCully, did a loop around him before darting toward Mr Zietlow.

“I turned around to look at Jamie and saw a great white three metres behind him,” Mr Zietlow said.

“The shark then came toward me and I hit the surface to keep an eye on the shark and my mates.”

The shark circled each of the fisherman. Photo: Facebook

The shark then turned toward Mr Sercombe.

He surfaced immediately and watched the shark swim towards fourth fisherman Mr Levingston, an angler from Burleigh.

“I was trying to scream out to Brett underwater to warn him,” Mr Zietlow said.

Mr Levingston said he heard screaming and yelling and pulled his head from the water to see what the fuss was about.

“When he put his head back underwater, he saw the great white straight in his face.”

This is the moment Mr Levingston stared into the shark’s eyes. Photo: Facebook

Mr Levingston struggled to turn on his GoPro to film the shark staring him down, but managed to snap a sneaky shot of its chilling expression.

The brave fisherman poked it’s nose and head with his spear gun as a safety precaution.

“We threw our fish into the boat, hung around for a bit before we pulled in our anchor and went back,” Mr Zietlow said.