Gold Coast couple unapologetic about giving 13 year boy cannabis

Gold Coast couple unapologetic about giving 13 year boy cannabis

Two Gold Coast parents have publicly admitted to feeding their 13-year-old son cannabis to treat his severe epilepsy.

They have spoken out at a pro-marijuana event, fearing their son would be dead if they waited for laws to change in Queensland.

A pro-pot-picnic is not an event this family would normally attend.

They don’t smoke, they don’t even drink alcohol but everyday 13 year old Joseph takes cannabis.

And every day his parents break the law to keep him alive.

“We’re at our wit’s end. We don’t know which way to go anymore,” Joseph’s mother Ingrid said.

For most of his life Joseph has suffered seizures so severe he’s broken his arms and legs around 10 times.

The only drug that has worked is cannabis oil.

“Joseph has now been 20 months seizure free.”

Clinical trials are underway in Queensland but Joseph’s doctors can’t prescribe it so his parents source it illegally.

“There really is no excuse why it’s taking so long,” Ingrid said.

“We don’t want to be a statistic by the time they make a decision.”

They say without doubt cannabis oil has saved their son’s life.

And while they’re scared being here and of being caught out, they think if they don’t speak out nothing will change.

They called this 4:20 picnic because at 4:20 dozens lit joints and smoked them in front of police.

Joseph's parents did not light up but said they were prepared to be locked up if it sparked a change.