Godzilla x Kong sequel gets disappointing update

The sequel to Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire has received a disappointing update, as director Adam Wingard won't be returning.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Wingard, who has directed the last two MonsterVerse movies, won't be at the helm of the third instalment — which is being written by Dave Callaham.

The filmmaker's exit has been described as amicable, with a future return to the franchise being left open.

The departure is said to have been the result of various timing issues, after Wingard began working on upcoming action thriller Onslaught.

adam wingardm holds up figurines of kong and godzilla at the godzilla x kong the new empire premiere
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According to reports, the director's commitment to the new film didn't fit into Legendary's plan to move swiftly onto another monster movie.

The news follows the success of Wingard's most recent release, Godzilla x Kong, which smashed box office expectations by racking up the biggest worldwide opening of the year.

The latest outing in the MonsterVerse saw Godzilla and Kong enjoying an unusual truce, before reluctantly teaming up to face a new threat that is unearthed in Kong's home in Hollow Earth.

In its first weekend (March 29-31), the blockbuster grossed $194 million worldwide, followed by Kung Fu Panda 4 with $53.8 million and Dune: Part Two closing its fifth weekend at $29.5 million (via Screen Daily).

godzilla x kong the new empire
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Speaking to Deadline ahead of his confirmed departure from the franchise, Wingard addressed the possibility of making a threequel and teased he had "really cool ideas" about where it should go.

"Only time will tell," he told the publication. "I think the seductive thing as a filmmaker when you've done two movies is to complete it as this trilogy — that's always what everybody expects.

"We'll see. It really depends on how the movie does. I think that there's a lot of really cool ideas we have [about] where we would go with it. I'm open to it and excited for what the future brings."

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire is available to buy or rent from Prime Video, iTunes, Microsoft Store and more in the UK.

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