'GMA's Ginger Zee Posts Photo After Being a Victim of Robbery

Ginger Zee

Ginger Zee is sending out a stern warning to her social media followers after finding herself a victim of smash and grab robbery.

The Good Morning America meteorologist took to Instagram on Wednesday, April 3 to share a photo of her car after it had been broken into while she was making a quick pitstop for food in Oakland, Calif. According to Zee, a handful of important and valuable items were taken from her vehicle in just the 20 minutes that she was inside a store to grab a salad and use the bathroom.

"Smash & grab was NOT what we had on our bingo card... that's for sure," she wrote in her Instagram post, along with a photo of the shattered glass all over the backseat. Zee, 43, said she was just "grateful to be safe" after the unsettling incident.

"The stuff they stole will be replaced… but it makes me sad for the folks that do this," she wrote in her caption. "Whatever circumstance gets someone to that choice of crime, I hope you know you stole things that are very meaningful to me too."

Zee listed a few of the items that were stolen, including her glasses, her passport and handmade items from her children that she travels with.

The mom of two went on to urge her followers to be vigilant about the possibility of a similar situation happening to them. Zee also warned others about robbers who have allegedly been targeting rental vehicles and specifically, hatchbacks.

"Our items were not in plain sight, low, covered etc and we were only grabbing food and using the bathroom. 20 min tops," she noted, adding, "Car was parked right across the street from the salad joint we stopped at between shoots. It was a beautiful sunny day, about 2 pm."

She concluded her post by sharing, "Lesson learned: bring everything inside with you at all times no matter where you are."

Zee received an outpouring of support from many of her followers, including some of her colleagues at ABC.

Among them was GMA's Lara Spencer, who commented, "Ugh ginge. So sorry this happened to you guys. The stuff can be replaced but still such a hassle. And scary. So glad you are ok. Get home safe."

Deborah Roberts also chimed in to say, "So sad. I learned that tough lesson years ago when my items were in plain view but car was parked just outside a hair salon. It’s a miserable and gut wrenching feeling of violation. Sorry for this Ginger. Really awful! 😔"

The situation is undoubtedly terrible, but most of Zee's followers just seemed relieved to know that everyone was okay!

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