Glaring mistake in photo as MP boasts about new intersection

The State Government official has been roasted online after his mistake.

A local MP "patting himself on the back" about a new intersection has been put through the wringer after keen-eyed residents claimed the finished intersection had the wrong road sign still erected.

Jackson Taylor MP shared a post online on Wednesday celebrating a "new intersection and lanes" on Burwood Highway in Ferntree Gully, Victoria, sharing images of the updated space on his Facebook. "Breaking News: Lights are on. Bollards are down! The new intersection and lanes are officially open!" he proudly proclaimed.

Shortly after sharing the news, one local put a stop to the celebrations and questioned if the STOP sign was "meant to have been removed" from next to the traffic lights. Taylor quickly responded, saying it was "being removed". "Covered up now," he confirmed.

Left image of a STOP road sign at an intersection in Victoria. Right image is of Jackson Taylor MP in a navy suit with checkered shirt.
The STOP road sign has since been removed, according to Jackson Taylor MP Source: Facebook

The apparent oversight was shared on an Aussie Facebook group where it amassed thousands of reactions. "The local member actually posted this to pat himself on the back… he probably should have stopped and looked at the photos properly," the post said.

While some thought it was a "typical politician" thing to do and that he "should have gone to spec savers", others incorrectly suggested the sign is meant to be there for if the traffic lights go out.

Vic Roads states that if the traffic lights at an intersection are not working, or their lights are flashing yellow, a driver must give way. "If the traffic lights at an intersection are not working, or their lights are flashing yellow, you must follow the same give way rules as you would at an intersection that has a stop or give way sign or line," it says, rendering a STOP sign to be unnecessary.

Locals label new roads long overdue

Despite the amusing distraction, many locals focused on how the intersection was "expensive" and overdue.

"It certainly took a long time to complete though," one person said. "It’s no surprise they left it there with how slow and expensive the works have been!" another replied.

The upgrade to the intersection, part of the Victorian Government's Big Build projects, went through the planning and consultation phase in 2022 before beginning work in mid-2023. The works included adding lanes, installing traffic lights and pedestrian crossings and improving visibility with street lights.

Yahoo News Australia has reached out to Vic Roads for comment.

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