Glamorous bikini model joins Liberal party to research Sharia Law

Bikini model and politics enthusiast Tamara Candy has revealed she has been hired by the Liberal party to research Sharia Law.

The glamorous blonde, perhaps best known to social media users for her sultry and revealing selfies, is working as a policy adviser to conservative Queensland MP George Christensen.

Ms Candy told the Daily Telegraph she believed there was a possibility Sharia law could make its way to Australia.

One of Tamara Candy's sultry photographs on social media Photo: Instagram/tammycandy

“I have been researching all facets of Sharia law and how it has the ability to function as a plural legal system to our own,” she said.

She took to Facebook soon after to clarify she was against Sharia Law “here in Australia – or anywhere else for that matter”.

The 27-year-old made headlines last month when she hit back at social media trolls that labeled her a “tax-payer funded call girl”.

Former PM Tony Abbott is one of a number of politicians the blonde has been snapped with. Photo: Instagram/tammycandy

“I've received a vast array of nasty comments and many are so incorrect,” the 27-year-old told Daily Mail Australia.

'I shouldn't have to tell anyone anything about myself. I've had people, strangers, messaging me to tell me about my own private life, which is interesting, I didn't know they were there,” she said.

She also highlighted the attitude of women ‘from the Left’, who had insulted and criticised her, calling it “almost cannibalistic” the way such women were attacking another woman.

Ms Candy, a PhD student with an honours degree in political journalism, describes herself as a “keen political observer”. She recently travelled to the US to work on Senator Rand Paul’s 2016 election campaign.

Tamara Candy with US Senator Rand Paul. Photo: Facebook/Tamara Candy

“It was an honour to campaign for him and to make some new friends from his incredible team,” she posted to Facebook.