Girl's narrow escape as elevator ceiling falls in China

Kamilia Palu

A six-year-old girl in China has narrowly avoided injury after two steel panels fell from the ceiling of the elevator she was travelling in.

The little girl was inside the lift on her own in Mianyang city earlier this month when CCTV cameras captured the miraculous footage.

The six-year-old girl waits for the elevator doors to open. Photo: CCTV

The child can be seen jumping up and down playfully, waiting for the elevator doors to open.

The girl had only just left the elevator before two steel plates come crashing down from the roof. Photo: CCTV

When the doors part, the girl walks out unaware of the danger behind her.

Only seconds after she leaves, the two panels come crashing down from the elevator ceiling, landing right where she had been standing.

The steel plates come crashing down only seconds after the girl had left the elevator. Photo: CCTV

The girl can be seen looking back after she hears the parts fall.

According to local reports, each of the metal plates weighed five kilograms.

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