Girl dies in locked car after dad refuses to break window

A toddler has died inside a locked car after her father refused to break a window to get her out, claiming he couldn’t afford to replace the glass.

One-year-old Sayah Deal died on Monday in Las Vegas after her dad, Sidney Deal, accidentally locked her in his vehicle in 35 degree heat.

Deal, who has been arrested on a felony child abuse charge, had locked his keys in the car with the engine running, and claimed the air conditioning was on.

One-year-old Sayah Deal is pictured with her mother, Mariah Coleman.
Sayah was unresponsive after being pulled from the car. Source: 8NewsNow

He initially refused to let witnesses or patrol officers break a vehicle window, saying he just bought the car and didn’t have repair money, according to a police report obtained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Deal reportedly made a call to his brother, who also offered to break the window when he arrived at the scene, authorities said.

But the father declined, instead asking his brother to call their mum to arrange a locksmith through her insurance company.

Deal’s girlfriend claimed the insurance company gave her a quote for a tow truck, but he told her to hang up because the price was too high, the Las Vegas Sun reported.

After police had been on the scene for several minutes, they ignored Deal’s requests and smashed the window to pull Sayah out - but she was unresponsive and could not be saved.

Sidney Deal has been charged with child abuse. Source: 8NewsNow

It’s believed she was trapped in the car for at least an hour.

The Clark County coroner has not ruled on the girl’s cause of death.

Sayah’s mother, Mariah Coleman, said she felt “numb, hurt and disappointed” after her baby’s death.

“I want answers,” she told local media 8 News Now.

“I just want to know why her dad wouldn’t be a regular dad and bust the windows out and do what he had to do as a parent. It’s not making sense to me at all.”

A memorial was held for Sayah the day after her death, with about 100 people gathering to mourn her.

A crowd of people hold balloons around lit candles to remember one-year-old Sayah Deal.
Close to 100 people gathered to farewell Sayah at a memorial in Las Vegas the day after her death. Source: AP

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