German lobby group DUH says to continue campaign to ban diesel


FRANKFURT (Reuters) - German environmental lobby group DUH said it would keep pressing ahead with a campaign to ban diesel cars from inner cities, despite an auto industry pledge on Wednesday to update engine management software on 5.3 million polluting diesel cars.

"The diesel forum is a colossal failure," DUH said in a statement released shortly after politicians and auto industry leaders unveiled a pact designed to save the diesel engine.
The agreement would only see 20 percent of diesel cars in Germany receive updates.
"What a debacle for the Federal Republic's clean air policy," Juergen Resch, head of the DUH, said in a statement, adding that the environmental lobby group's plans to pursue legal cases to improve air quality in 16 German cities would prevail.

(Reporting by Edward Taylor; Editing by Maria Sheahan)