Genius Officeworks hack to cope with toilet paper shortage

Brooke Rolfe
News Reporter

As Australians continue their rush to get their hands on bulk supplies of toilet paper amid the coronavirus outbreak, there may be a simple solution lurking in the shelves of Officeworks.

Instead of buying out Coles, Woolworths and Aldi of its multi-packs of loo roll, customers may be better off sourcing their bulk quantities of toilet paper from the popular office goods supplier.

The retailer stocks industrial-sized rolls of two-ply paper, the same usually available in the restrooms of businesses and in public bathrooms, as well as other bulk-pack toilet tissue options.

Jumbo rolls of toilet tissue, containing a hefty 300 metres per roll, can be purchased in packs of six for $55.91, but like other retailers, customers are limited to buying just one pack at a time.

Single rolls containing 320 metres are available for $15.95, but only in stores, the same as the $15.26 jumbo rolls of 650 metres, with both products having a limit of three per customer.

Customers struggling to find toilet paper might want to visit Officeworks. Source: Google Maps/John Szaszvari

A giant pack of 48 rolls of regular sized toilet paper is available in stores only, with a limit of one pack per customer, and is on sale for $46.78.

There is a mini jumbo roll, with 200 metres of two-ply tissue, available for $8.50 but restricted to three rolls per customer.

Two women were caught arguing over toilet paper in a Coles supermarket. Source: Instagram/jamiezhu

A 115 metre roll carries the same restriction and is available for $4.56, but again, can only be bought in stores.

Single two-ply Kleenex rolls are available online and in stores for $2.76 for 400 sheets, but customers can buy just three at a time.

The 40-pack of small 550 sheet rolls can be purchased one-at-a-time, and only in stores.

While there are many toilet paper options listed on the Officeworks website, it might be sensible for shoppers to contact their local retailer to check on stock levels before making the journey there.

A sign seen in a Coles store notifies customers of the change in toilet paper policy. Source: Facebook

For those extra desperate for delivery of some wipeable tissue, there are more hand towels available online than toilet paper.

An eight pack of 140 metres of paper towel can be bought online for $37.65, while a 16-pack of 90 metre rolls can be purchased three at a time online for $71.88.

Bizarrely, the panic to buy bulk quantities has shown no sign of slowing down, even after Coles and Aldi limited customers to one pack each at a time, and Woolworths to two.

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