Genesis’s Electrified G80 Will Have a Massive New Screen

Three years in and the Genesis Electrified G80 is getting its first facelift.

The Korean luxury marque unveiled a refreshed version of its stately battery-powered sedan on Thursday at the Busan International Mobility Show. The 2026 model’s wheelbase has been stretched, it’s designed subtly revised, and now features significantly more screen space inside.

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The Electrified G80, and the standard G80, was already one of the more elegant flagship vehicles on the market. That’s why it’s little surprise that Genesis didn’t mess with things all that much. The biggest difference, and one that is apparent even at a glance, is the wheelbase, which has been stretched by 5.1 inches. There are now 123.6 inches, or more than 10.25 feet, between the front and rear wheels. The front end has also been reworked and features a revised grille and headlamps that use microlens array technology to produce brighter and more even light. Other additions include an electronically controlled charging port and redesigned 19-inch dish-style wheels.

Inside the 2026 Genesis Electrified G80
Inside the 2026 Genesis Electrified G80

The commanding four-door is as graceful inside as it is on the outside. As with the exterior, the interior design has been tweaked rather than reimagined. The chief difference is the screen setup. The old 14.5-inch display has been changed out for a 27.0-inch screen that combines the digital gauge cluster and infotainment system into a single interconnected unit. Thankfully, there are still physical buttons and dials that control the climate control system and other features, though.

The cabin also feels much roomier to the extra room between the wheel, especially in the back.  The rear now features executive-style seats with legrests, as well as curtains for the windows. That’s right, Genesis has managed to find even more ways to make the $75,000 sedan even more luxe than its more expensive competitors.

The rear seat of the 2026 Genesis Electrified G80
The rear seat of the 2026 Genesis Electrified G80

We may know what the refreshed EV will look like, but it’s unclear if any changes are coming on the tech side. The company made no mention of updates to the dual-motor powertrain or 87.2-kWh battery pack on Thursday. It wouldn’t be a complete shock if the output (365 hp) or range (282 miles) received a boost, though. The Electrified G80 on display in Busan is also the Korean version, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if the EV changes some more before going on sale in the U.S. sometime next year.

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