Boy who ran away on Mother's Day to buy TV gets rewarded

A boy who caused a police search when he secretly ran to ALDI to buy his mum a Mother’s Day gift has been rewarded thanks to some kindness from strangers.

Geelong six-year-old Raith Barlow only had forty cents in his pocket when he rode across town on his bike to ALDI to try and to buy his mum a TV.

But while he was short on cash to purchase his mum an extravagant gift it seems he wasn’t short on inspiration.

Raith finally got mum the TV he was after. Source: 7 News

Brisbane businessman Todd Howard saw Raith’s story and managed to raise money from friends, family and business contacts.

Raith got more than just the TV he was asking for with Mr Howard managing to get the boy an iPad, Hot Wheels and Lego.

His mother Stacey was shocked by the kindness of strangers.

The six-year-old caused a police search when he secretly took off on Mother's Day. Source: 7 News

“You don’t really think about it happening until you see it happen,” she said.

“I’m amazed.”

He might have been a little late this year but in the end Raith made his mother’s day.

The pair celebrated a belated Mother's Day. Source: 7 News