Same-sex couple sent threatening notes to Qld home after 'Yes' vote win

A same-sex couple from Queensland have received a string of vile handwritten notes in their letterbox following this month's 'Yes' vote victory.

Kirk Muddle and his partner, Andrew, were shocked to find the homophobic notes at their Maroochydore home of 11 years.

The offensive messages, scrawled across several sheets of A4 paper, called for gay men to have their genitals removed while also suggesting the pair were unsuitable to look after their pet dogs.

"You do realise there are children and elderly in this area? No to gays!" one of the messages read.

Kirk Muddler (right) and his partner Andrew (left) have been subject to homophobic abuse at their Queensland home. Source: Supplied

Kirk revealed to Yahoo7 his despair when finding the abusive messages in the wake of the same-sex marriage vote.

"I felt a combination of around four or five feelings from 'what the hell is this', to 'I can’t believe its happening', and then 'you know what I’m not surprised its happening," he said.

Kirk, a property manager, has been living at the home for half a decade and revealed it was the first incident of its kind in the neighbourhood.

The abusive letters followed this month's groundbreaking 'Yes' vote victory. Source: Facebook
They believe the letters are from one unknown culprit and believe he might not be from the local area. Source: Facebook

"Andrew's lived there for 11 years and I’ve lived there for five and thats the first time its ever happened," he said.

In fact, harassment on that level is something Kirk hasn't seen since the eighties.

"I haven’t copped abuse like this in 30-odd years since being a teen," he admitted.

Kirk shared his and Andrew's experience in a Facebook post where he said we was "horrified and sad" at the attack, prompting a series of comments of support from other social media users.

Kirk said he became enraged once the notes mentioned their beloved pet dogs. Source: Supplied

He told Yahoo7 it wasn't until the notes mentioned their pet dogs that he was really angered but has still been able to maintain a positive outlook following what he believes is an isolated incident.

"One guy doesn’t make up the whole of Australia," Kirk pointed out.

The pair are yet to discuss their future since November 15's groundbreaking decision, but he said when the day comes to exchange vows, it will be an event at the heart of their community.

"We’re yet to sit down and talk about it but when we do we can do it in the place that we really love and that will be our home."