'This is not okay': Woolworths shoppers furious after they're charged twice for old purchases

Woolworths customers around the country may want to double check their bank statements after the supermarket giant confirmed payment errors were causing shoppers to be charged twice for old purchases.

Furious customers took to the Woolworth Facebook page to demand their money back after they noticed they were missing hundreds of dollars in duplicate payments from transactions made in March.

It’s believed the payment errors affects both online and in-store purchases.

“Today I have been double billed by Woolworths for transactions from the 11th of March, Woolworths have stolen almost $300 and I want my money back,” Leanne Stewart wrote.

It’s believed the payment errors affects both online and in-store purchases. Source: Getty

“Can someone please tell me why Woolworths took money out of my account today with a date of 13th of March? Why do you still have my card details four months later after this supposed transaction? What the hell is going on? This is not okay,” Cat Steele added.

“I love paying for my groceries twice,” another shopper added.

Several other customers questioned how many times this may have happened in the past without the knowledge.

Since the social media outburst, a Woolworths spokeswoman has confirmed they are aware of the error and were working to rectify the problem.

"We've been advised by Cuscal, who process transactions on behalf of Credit Union, of a processing error that occured on the weekend, the 5th of August," the Woolworths spokesperson told 7 News Online.

"This would explain the incorrect wool transcation on your credit union credit card."

Furious customers let fly at the supermarket chain, demanding their money back. Source: Getty Images

"We've been advised by Cuscal that hese transcations would be reversed from your account by tomorrow."

Woolworths advised customers to contact their credit union if they require further assistance.

If further information is required please contact 1300 767 969.