WATCH: Furious dad slaps 'bullies' who picked on his son

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The shocking moment a dad beat two boys who he believed had bullied his son in a child's playground has been captured on video.

The incident happened in the city of Krasnodar in south-western Russia and was captured on camera before being posted online.

The dad, said to be aged 34, but who is not named, is seen storming over to the group of children and targeting one in particular to start with.

He hits him, knocking him clean to the ground, before starting on one of the others.

The dad in Russia can be seen approach the children and knocking one of them out in the footage. Photo: CEN

Footage shows him shouting at the group while the struck boy lays still on the ground.

The other lad, sitting on a swing, is seen cowering in fear from the clearly livid dad while his pals watch on.

The incident only calms slightly when other adults go over to stop it.

It is believed the boys had previously bullied the Russian man's son. Photo: CEN

The mum of one of the attacked boys, named only as Olga, said the incident involved nine-year-old children and was a petty row between the youngsters as is often seen on playgrounds.

She said: "Initially the confrontation happened between the boys. My 9-year-old son Ratmir and his pal Timur were out on the playground, when one of the neighboring boys approached them and started being pick at them and throw food around."

She said her son "shooed" the boy away, but just moments later his furious dad came over and shoved Ratmir in the face with the palm of his hand.

He then grabbed his hair and shoved him some more in a rage.

The father is shown grabbing and shoving the children in a rage. Photo: CEN

Olga said her son, terrified, lay still on the floor until the attack finished then ran home as fast as he could. She said he is no longer sleeping well at night and is scared to go back to the play area.

The mum took her son to be checked out to find he had luckily suffered only minor bruising.

She has since reported the incident to the police, who have confirmed they are investigating.

Netizen ‘Botanik’ wrote ironically: "What a brave guy, he did not get scared by a bunch of school kids."

While another one identified as ‘ja’ added: "The attacker should be jailed for the next few years, and nobody should ever be friends with his son. Let him grow into a lone-wolf kind of a guy."