WATCH: Furious driver's attempt at citizen's arrest leads to ugly road rage incident

Ashlea Brown

Police are looking for a cyclist involved in a shocking road rage attack in western Sydney that brought peak hour traffic to a standstill.

A furious driver attempted a citizen's arrest, but it ended dramatically with a cyclist, who was not wearing a helmet, being dragged across the road on his stomach.

The two were filmed squaring off on a roundabout at Parramatta after a collision.

The cyclist (left) and driver (right) tussle in an attempted citizen's arrest. Source: 7 News

The rider clearly wanted to get away, but the driver was refusing to let him go.

For almost five minutes the pair argued and wrestled in the middle of the intersection, posing a danger not only to themselves but to other road users.

With his bike on the ground and the driver clutching his clothes, the cyclist was stuck.

Things get ugly as the cyclist is dragged along the ground. Source: 7 News

Traffic remained as a standstill as they waited for police.

"The police are coming but you need to let go of him," a witness can be heard saying as cars beep their horns in the background.

The driver finally releases the rider but moments later he is dragging the cyclist along the ground on his stomach.

The man is dragged along the ground on his stomach. Source: 7 News

"Just stop!" the witness can be heard saying.

Emma Parsons, who recorded the video, said she doesn't condone violence but feels the driver's frustration towards cyclists who don't obey the road rules.

"They can just take off and disappear so quickly," she said.

"There's no registration or information you can get to identify them."

Police have spoken to the driver and are looking for the cyclist before taking any action.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page.