'It would be fun to work with her!' Billie Joe Armstrong keen for Olivia Rodrigo collaboration

Billie Joe Armstrong would love to work with "talented" Olivia Rodrigo at some point.

The Green Day frontman is keen to team up with the 20-year-old singer-songwriter, but admitted he doesn't deliberately buy or stream any of her music.

When speaking about a comparison between Green Day's 'American Idiot', which was released in 2004, and artists of theatrical backgrounds, including Olivia, Billie told Vulture: "I hear it but don’t go out buying any of those records or stream it.

"It does pass me by. When I hear it, I think it sounds good.

"I think it would be fun to work with her sometime. She’s talented."

Billie also insisted he is an "encyclopaedia" when it comes to knowledge of punk rock.

He added: "Sometimes you can see how someone is interested in what punk rock is and maybe they don’t quite have some of the influences or knowledge that I have on the history of punk rock.

"I’m kind of an encyclopaedia. To do something with someone like Olivia Rodrigo would be fun."

Billie recently told how he immersed himself in British culture while recording Green Day's new album in London.

The rockers laid down most of the tracks for their new record 'Saviors' at RAK Studios in the English capital, and Billie made the most of his time in the city by heading out to watch football teams including Arsenal, Fulham and Millwall to get a glimpse into how Brits spend their weekends.

He told the Guardian newspaper: "I went to a lot of football games: Arsenal, Leyton Orient, Fulham. I went to The Den to see Millwall. That was amazing.

"Man, if you really want to experience British culture that’s what you should do.

"Football is like a ... religion. It’s like being at a big rock concert. You practically need earplugs! I’ve always wanted to check out all the different divisions, not just the world-class teams like Arsenal and Man City.

"I wanted to go to some of the lower-league games – especially Millwall, which has that gritty, [angry], underdog, 'No one likes us and we don’t care' vibe. It reminds me of being an Oakland Raiders fan."