Friends rescue dog found swimming 'in the middle of the ocean'

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A group of friends enjoying a day on the water ended up on a rescue mission after finding a lost dog at sea.

The moment the pals saved the pooch was caught on camera and posted to TikTok by user Bryn Crowell. 

The clip showed the moment they saved the puppy after a man jumped in and swum out to the dog to bring it safely on board the boat.

"My friends and I saved a dog we found swimming alone in the middle of the ocean," the video was captioned, with thousands of comments pouring in.

The friends rescued the dog after they spotted it swimming in the ocean. Source: TikTok
The friends rescued the dog after they spotted it swimming in the ocean. Source: TikTok

The clip has almost 2 million views, with thousands of people commenting on the rescue. 

Many users questioned the rescue

Some users questioned the integrity of the rescue mission, asking if they threw the dog, whose name is Zuko, in on purpose for the video.

"I think he fell off the boat and you're all lying" one user wrote.

"This was staged," another commented. "The dog would've been too tired to stand if he were "found" there even 15 minutes after he was supposedly abandoned." 

However, the TikToker said that was not the case, explaining what happened after they found the dog.

"We called the number on his tag, went 20 minutes to the next inlet, and returned him," Ms Crowell wrote in a follow up video.

"The owners were crying and thankful he was safe," she wrote. "[It] was 100% not staged and we were happy we saw him and were able to save him."

The owner explained in a message how the jack russell fell off the back of their boat. Source: TikTok

Fell off the boat

Ms Crowell shared a message sent from the dog's owner, explaining what happened before they found the dog swimming.

"He was hopping around the back of the boat 'biting' at the waves that were passing by, and I guess in one of these moments he must've jumped a little too high and jumped overboard," Zuko's owner wrote.

"Once we noticed he was missing we all searched the boat thinking he was hiding in one of the rooms with his bone.

" We kept going up and down where we had travelled trying to retrace our path and we had no luck ... after 7 mental breakdowns you guys called us and it was a miracle.

"He's never done anything like this before and I'm so happy you guys found him," the owner concluded the message.

Despite some people thinking the rescue wasn't genuine, many users praised the group for their quick thinking and for rescuing the dog.

"I can only imagine how deeply grateful the family must be," one user commented.

"Right place at the right time," another wrote. "Thank goodness."

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