Fresh contamination fears after little girl finds needle in orange

It appears the contaminated fruit scare is not over after a Sydney family found a needle in an orange purchased from Woolworths on Monday.

Four-year-old Maddie Sheridan found the needle after asking her mum for a piece of fruit.

They took the contaminated fruit back to the purchase point at Woolworths in Casula, in Sydney’s south west.

Maddie Sheridan, 4, asked her mum for a piece of fruit on Monday and found a needle inside her orange purchased from Woolworths, Casula. Source: 7 News

The supermarket confirmed the disturbing find and police have been notified.

“We’re shocked. We feel violated,” Maddie’s mum said.

Investigators will now question when the orange was compromised as it may have been in storage for several weeks.

Maddie described the find as ‘disgusting’. Source: 7 News

It’s been six weeks since the first contamination came to light in Queensland sparking a nationwide recall of strawberries.

While the latest find was labelled “disgusting” by little Maddie she said it didn’t affect her appetite when asked if she still wanted to eat it.

“Yeah, because I like oranges,” Maddie said.