Fresh charges for terror plot suspect

Fresh charges for terror plot suspect

Police have charged a man with alleged involvement in a proposed “Queensland terror attack plot’’ with charges that could see him spend 15 years in prison if found guilty.

The fresh charges against 21-year-old Agim Kruezi stem from his arrest during anti-terror raids on September 10 but prior to his arrest he was already accused of trying to recruit Australians to fight in Syria.

Federal police investigations allegedly link Kruezi with associates of Omarjan Azari, the 22-year-old accused of ordering the beheading of a random non-believer in Sydney.

Intelligence was gathered during bugged telephone calls mentioning Kruezi, but not directly involving the 21-year-old.

Sources have already confirmed Kruezi was purportedly implicated ina “similar-style’’ plot to that of the planned Sydney Attack
It is believed he was only days away from carrying out his plan at the time of his arrest.

ISIS linked Kruezi is already facing charges of preparing for "incursions into foreign state", and for attempting to recruiting persons to fight on foreign soil.

Another charge for unlawfully possessing a category-H weapon has also be laid, as well as possessing shortened firearms and “authority required to possess explosives”.

Kruezi’s father Milazim believes the charges to be false telling The Courier-Mail that his son was “innocent” and that is “proud” of his son.

Omar Succarieh was charged alongside Kruezi in last month’s raids. Police claim Succarieh, owner of the iQraa Islamic bookshop at Underwood, sent tens of thousands of dollars to Jabhat al-Nusra fighters in Syria.

His brother Ahmed became Australia’s first suicide bomber in Syria last year and it is believed a third brother Abraham to be leading another military group in Syria.

In a separate case, Robert Maestracci is due to be charged for dealing with money that could have been used to fund terrorist operations overseas.