French prankster sneaks into world champion volleyball team photo

A French prankster has outdone himself this time by managing to sneak into the World Champion Volleyball team photo unnoticed.

Remi Gaillard shared the prank on YouTube where he can be seen jumping the fence from the crowd to join the official photo line up with the victorious French team in Brazil.

Oblivious to Remi, the team posed for the photo before he shared his condolences with the opposition by giving a casual high five.

While Remi was wearing the official team uniform, you’d think his fluro green kneepads were a dead giveaway.

The video has been viewed more than 300,000 times in less than 24 hours.

Remi Gaillard is well known in France for his video pranks.

In May, the comedian recreated the game Tetris in real life.

If you’re a fan of his style watch some of his best moments below.

Remi likes to mess with his local police sometimes.
He's also a Star Wars fan
And sometimes he even likes to dress up as kangaroo