Freeway speed cameras catch 10,000 drivers in six months

Deanna Williams

Freeway speed cameras catch 10,000 drivers in six months

FIRST ON 7: Two new speed cameras on Adelaide’s South Eastern Freeway have snapped more than 10,000 speeding drivers in the past six months, but police say far fewer are being caught than expected.

A total of 1991 heavy vehicles have been nabbed speeding since two new cameras were activated on the freeway at Crafers, compares with 2521 general vehicles.

But at Leawood Gardens, it was mostly cars caught over the speed limit, with 5913 general vehicles caught compared to just 351 trucks.

In total, 10,776 speeding drivers have been caught.

While those numbers sound high, compared with the sheer number of vehicles using the freeway every day, they are surprisingly low.

“We were quite impressed with the numbers, they were… quite low,” Superintendant Bob Fauser said.

The figures show only 0.2 per cent drivers are going over the limit.

But transport officials insist it is no time to be complacent.

“In an industry as big as ours, it only takes one or two to get it wrong and people get hurt,” Steve Shearer from the SA Road Transport Association said.

He said the drop from the open road limit to 60kph or 40kph for some trucks had contributed to the higher number of truck detections at Crafers.