Frantic rescue operation to save boy stuck in a well for four nights

Chinese rescue crews are frantically searching for a five-year-old boy who has been stuck down a well for four nights.

The young boy fell down the deserted well in the Northern Chinese town of Hebei while helping his father harvest vegetables.

While there is no word on whether he is still alive, rescuers have pumped oxygen into the well as they desperately try and make contact.

More than 500 rescuers are working on the scene.
More than 500 rescuers are working on the scene.

The 40-metre deep well is too narrow for adults to enter, meaning rescuers are attempting to dig out the well in an effort to access him.

As well as the 500 rescuers, excavators have also been brought ino to work on the soft soil around the dry well.

The Xinhua state news agency suggested the earth was unstable and prone to collapse so every possible safety measure has been introduced.