Frankie Bridge auditioning for more acting roles

Frankie Bridge is keen to tackle more acting roles credit:Bang Showbiz
Frankie Bridge is keen to tackle more acting roles credit:Bang Showbiz

Frankie Bridge is auditioning for more acting roles after making her West End debut last year.

The Saturdays star made the switch from singing in August when she joined the cast of '2:22 A Ghost Story' at the Apollo Theatre and went on to win positive reviews for her performance in the show - and now Frankie, 35, has revealed she's hoping to take on more acting work in the future and is keen to try working "on camera".

She told OK! magazine: "I want to try something on camera to see if there’s a preference or not [over the stage]. So I’ll be auditioning for things and see what happens."

Frankie went on to add that she's “desperate” to land a part in a period drama like 'Bridgerton' because she loves the elaborate costumes. She said: "I would love to be wearing something like that!"

She previously studied acting at drama school before joining S Club Juniors as a child and later becoming a part of The Saturdays - and Frankie insists she's always wanted to go back to her roots.

Speaking on Evening Standard Theatre Podcast, she explained: "I was in a pop group from the age of 12 so acting has not been a part of my life for a very long time ... This was the first play ['2:22 A Ghost Story'] that I genuinely loved ... After I watched it, I thought I'd love to do something like that ...

"When I was young, before I got into a pop group ... [acting] wasn't really a thing at my age. It was you were either going to be in a Cheesestrings advert or be in musical theatre there wasn't really much in between ...

"And I ended up in a pop group, I loved singing and dancing just as much as I loved acting ... I just loved performing in general ... when I finished with music, acting was definitely on my list and a box I wanted to tick ... "