Fox News slammed for displaying 'sickening' graph comparison on air

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Fox News has been slammed as “sickening” after airing a graph that compared stock market rallies during times of highly publicised incidences of black deaths and police brutality in the US.

The graph showed the market’s latest rise despite the nationwide protests over the death of George Floyd and compared it to the stock market performance following the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr, the beating of Rodney King and he killing of Micheal Brown by police in 2014.

“It is horrific but it’s also revealing of how Wall Street essentially ignores social unrest and protest movements,” a reporter for the NY Post wrote along with a screenshot of the graph on social media.

“This graph is sickening. I think it says more about Fox News than about banks,” one user responded.

“Racism is good for business. Is that the message?” another asked.

Fox News told Yahoo News Australia about the graphic was aired without full context.

“The infographic used on FOX News Channel’s Special Report to illustrate market reactions to historic periods of civil unrest should have never aired on television without full context. We apologise for the insensitivity of the image and take this issue seriously,” a Fox News spokesperson said.

Source: Fox News
Source: Fox News

Trump: ‘It’s a great day’ for George Floyd

President Donald Trump has raised eyebrows for effectively claiming victory over the economic crisis and COVID-19 on Friday, local time, embracing a better-than-expected jobs report.

Bewilderingly, the president touted major progress against racial inequality, even as he stands accused by many of having failed to respond to the racism, police brutality and inequalities that demonstrators are protesting.

"Hopefully, George is looking down right now and saying, 'This is a great thing that's happening for our country,'" Trump said.

The remarks during a televised White House briefing came eleven days after Floyd's death and sparked confusion as to why Trump thought it was a great day for Floyd.

Trump condemned "what happened last week," said no other president has done as much for black Americans, and declared that an economic rebound was "the greatest thing that can happen for race relations."

Trump condemned "what happened last week," said no other president has done as much for black Americans
Trump condemned 'what happened last week,' said no other president has done as much for black Americans. Source: AAP

Putting words in the dead man's mouth drew quick criticism, including from likely presidential foe Joe Biden, who said it was "despicable."

"George Floyd's last words, 'I can't breathe,' have echoed across our nation and around the world," Mr Biden tweeted.

"For the President to try to put any other words in his mouth is frankly despicable.”

The Trump campaign said any reports saying Mr Trump was contending that Mr Floyd would be praising the economic news were "wrong, purposefully misrepresented, and maliciously crafted."

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