Four swimmers pulled from iconic Bondi beach

Four swimmers in distress were pulled from a famous Sydney beach thanks to the help of a group of trainee surf lifesavers. Picture: NCA NewsWire/ Gaye Gerard

Trainee surf lifesavers helped rescue four swimmers from Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach, in a tense operation that saw two people hospitalised

Paramedics raced to Queen Elizabeth Dr, Bondi at about 7.30pm following reports four people had gotten in to trouble while swimming at the beach outside of lifesaver patrol hours.

A NSW Ambulance said two male patients were treated for minor injuries before they were transported to St Vincent’s Hospital in a stable condition.

Two of the four swimmers pulled from the beach were later hospitalised in a stable condition. Picture: NCA NewsWire/ Gaye Gerard

It’s understood a 26-year-old was reportedly going in and out of consciousness while at the scene, while a 21-year-old male had taken on a lot of water, and was being treated for issues related to that.

Speaking to Today, a duty officer said he remembers two of the four swimmers being in “serious” distress, while the other two swimmers were attempting to assist the struggling beach goers.

“I heard some screams for help,” he said.

“They (the trainees) remobilised from the training that they were doing. They managed to pick up the four people and basically bring them in.”