Four Melbourne girls bully fellow student in violent school attack caught on camera

Mel Buttigieg

A disturbing video has emerged of a school assault where four girls violently set upon a defensive girl, believed to be at a school in Melbourne’s south east.

The video, posted on social media on Tuesday, shows a gang of girls dressed in blue and white checked uniforms and blue jumpers attacking a fellow student in a locker area of a school.

A girl can be heard yelling “stop” repeatedly at the start of the video, over high-pitched screams from other female onlookers, which continue throughout the 33-second clip.

The confronting footage shows the victim shielding her face while the gang corners her at the lockers, as they hit, punch and kick her.

The victim tries to get away from her tormentors, only to be dragged back into the pack by the hair.

Male students can be heard laughing and cheering, before the attackers walk away as the clip ends.

The video shows a gang of four Melbourne schoolgirls beating up a fellow student. Source: Facebook/Most Wanted Lads

There is no context supplied with the footage, and it is not known what sparked the violent attack.

The footage was posted Tuesday evening on Melbourne-based Most Wanted Lads Facebook page, with the caption “Just another school fight,” and has since been viewed almost 17,000 times.

The sentiment of the comments have been divided, with some youngsters amused by the vicious attack, while parents are disgusted.

The victim attempts to run away before she is dragged back by the hair. Source: Facebook/Most Wanted Lads

“So I was watching this and thought ‘when the big girl at school's hungry’ HAHAHAHAHA,” wrote one Facebook user.

“Wish this would happen tomorrow just to lighten the day,” commented another.

“HAHAHAHA gang up on the fat b****,” another wrote.

Others, particularly mothers, have shamed the vile act, with one woman highlighting the incident was posted on International Women’s Day, of all days.

“This isn't a fight, this is play group,” one Facebook user wrote.

“Are u girls for real how old r u if u were my daughters I would bloody go off grow the bloody hell up as for the f***tard filming u need a slapping mate I think u all need to go back to primary school an start again this is disgusting [sic],” posted another.