Who are the four hostages rescued by Israel?

Israel has announced it has rescued four hostages from Gaza.

The group includes two people who attended the Nova music festival, and two people working there as part of the security.

At least one Israeli soldier died in the operation to retrieve the group from Gaza, according to Israel, while Hamas says at least 210 Palestinians were killed during attacks in the area around the rescue.

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So who are the four hostages rescued by Israel?

Noa Argamani

Noa Argamani, 25, is the most well-known of the Israeli hostages rescued in the Nuseirat operation.

This is because a video of her being abducted on 7 October was released in the wake of the Hamas attack.

It showed her on a motorbike in the desert, surrounded by men.

Ms Argamani can be seen calling out to her boyfriend, Avinatan Or, with whom she had been at the Nova music festival with.

Mr Or has not been since 7 October.

Ms Argamani has Chinese heritage, and there were appeals from her family and the Israeli government to get Beijing involved in her rescue, but it never materialised.

According to The Times of Israel, she was a second year student at Ben Gurion University in the southern Israeli city of Be'er Sheva.

Since her abduction, it is reported that Ms Argamani's mother has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Footage of the family's reunification was shared on social media in the wake of the rescue.

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Almog Meir Jan

Almog Meir Jan, 21, was another attendee of the Nova music festival taken captive on 7 October.

According to an interview with his mother, he had been set to start a new job in Israel's "high-tech" sector on 8 October.

He was at the music festival with his friend, who was killed and later burned, according to the Jewish Chronicle.

His mother, Orit, says Mr Jan rang her at 7.45am on 7 October to say the festival had been stopped, and he would call her back every hour - and never phoned again.

Several hours later, one of his friends is said to have identified Mr Jan in a video clip published by Hamas.

In his absence, Mrs Jan has campaigned for his release, including meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and members of the Knesset.

Andrey Kozlov

Andrey Kozlov, 27, was also at the Nova festival - but he was working as a security guard.

According to reports in the Times of Israel, he is a native of St Petersburg in Russia, and had moved to Israel 18 months before the festival.

He lived near Tel Aviv with friends before he was taken.

After his kidnapping, his mother travelled to Israel to try and secure his release.

Shlomi Ziv

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Shlomi Ziv, 40, was another member of the security staff captured at the Nova music festival.

Speaking to one of his sisters, he said he was heading home from the festival after the Hamas attack began.

He told her there was a bottleneck of cars, The Times of Israel reported.

Mr Ziv had been at the event with a friend and a relative of his wife. Both died. It was several weeks before his family knew he had been taken hostage.