The Fortune Hotel contestants' family values upset viewers

Contestants Will and Abbie are taking part in the ITV gameshow partnered with their mothers - but some viewers found them disrespectful.

TThe Fortune Hotel contestants Abbie & Tracy
The Fortune Hotel viewers are not impressed by how Abbie talks to mother Tracy. (ITV)

The Fortune Hotel viewers are not impressed with the way some of the contestants speak to their mothers.

The new ITV gameshow sees 10 couples holidaying in a Caribbean resort competing to claim the briefcase containing the jackpot cash prize of £250,000. Among the contestants are Welsh mother and daughter Abbie and Tracy and mother and son Jo-Ann and Will.

But under the stress of playing the game Will and Abbie have been shown snapping at their mothers. And viewers were not impressed.

The Fortune Hotel contestants Jo-Ann & Will are mother and son. (ITV)
The Fortune Hotel contestants Jo-Ann & Will are mother and son. (ITV)

The latest episode saw the contestants tasked with a cocktail tasting challenge. The couple who correctly identified the most ingredients were able to swap briefcases. Mother and daughter Abbie and Tracy won the cocktail challenge and chose to swap with Claire and Daniel, who they believed had the money - only to discover and empty case. Abbie and Tracy also wanted to get rid of the Early Check Out card they had in their own case.

Next the candidates competed in a treasure digging task, racing against time to win the order in which they would choose to swap cases at the end of the day. Many of the contestants were shouting under the pressure, including Abbie and Will.

As they gathered in the Lady Luck bar to discuss swapping briefcases and who should be voted out, host Stephen Mangan even asked "Abbie, are you going to let your mum get a word in?"

Viewers were unimpressed, commenting that the contestants did not treat their mother with respect. One wrote on social media platform X: "Abbie and Will speak to their mothers absolutely disgracefully. #TheFortuneHotel."

Another said: "The way Abbie speaks to her mum is vile. #TheFortuneHotel." One viewer asked: "Is it annoying anyone else how much Abbie keeps snapping at her mum who gets overexcited with the game??"

Someone else observed: "The way Will and Abbie talk to their mothers #TheFortuneHotel." One commented: "Wow Will speaks to his mother absolutely appallingly! #TheFortuneHotel" And another shared: "I don’t like seeing Will be so mean to his mom #fortunehotel."

Fortune Hotel  Dan and Claire
Dan and Claire confessed to having the Early Check Out Card before the swap. (ITV)

In a shock move at the evening swap session, Claire and Daniel announced they had the Early Check Out card and that they had been given it by Abbie and Tracy. They then chose to give it back to them, meaning that Abbie and Tracy were the next couple to leave.

Abbie stood up and confronted Jo-Ann and Will and told all the contestants that they believed they had the prize money and had given them the Early Check Out card. As the other contestants agreed it was better to leave with dignity, Will said of his mother: "I'm glad she held her tongue, because when she goes, she goes."

As the Fortunates holding the money, Jo-Ann and Will are again able to choose who to make the Unfortunates and receive the Early Check Out card next.

Many viewers continued to complain The Fortune Hotel is a copy of BBC show The Traitors. Some even coined the term #PoundlandTraitors. Here are the similarities between the new ITV show and the hit BBC gameshow presented by Claudia Winkleman.

The Fortune Hotel continues at 9pm on Wednesday on ITV1, STV and STV Player.