Grand prix grid girls swap skirts for shorts

Formula One's grid girls have swapped skirts for shorts for this week's Melbourne grand prix.

Celebrity stylist Lana Wilkinson said the Rolex sponsored uniforms were both fashionable and functional.

“This year’s grid girl outfit still keeps with the traditional colours but has incorporated some of the current trends with the high-waisted culotte short," she told the Herald Sun.

For the first year in F1 history, the grid girls will wear shorts this year. Source: 7 News

“It is great to see the grid girl outfit has evolved over the years and now aligns itself with modern fashion that is both functional and cutting edge.”

Grid girl Millie Fayman backed the new uniform, saying she relished being in the limelight in the fashionable white and green strip.

“The eyes of the world are on Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix, so to be in a fashion-forward outfit that is comfortable and classy is a relief,” she said.