Former SA teen badly injured in Thai bashing

Former SA teen badly injured in Thai bashing

FIRST ON 7: A former Adelaide teenager’s end of school celebration has been marred by a brutal bashing in Thailand.

Jack Hanse-Bartel’s family has told 7News of how one punch changed his life forever.

The trip to Koh Samui was supposed to be a celebration after finishing high school in Bangkok.

Jack’s brother Jesse told 7News: “My brother was dancing on the stage, when I saw him it was fine.

“When we turned around, people were yelling and my brother was on the ground lying in a pool of blood, some of his teeth were on the ground.

“I was shocked, I just looked at him and couldn’t believe what happened.”

His mother Annie Hansen-Bartel said she received a call at 3am inform her Jack had been attacked.

“His gum had been so severely damaged in such a jagged way that it was actually falling down into his mouth and was affecting his breathing,” she said.

Jack has been in and out of hospital over the past month, and his battle is not over yet.

“The injuries are a lot more serious than first diagnosed,” Annie said.

“What he’s facing now is surgeries over the next year to the next year and a half.”

Jesse said the attack has left his brother depressed.

“His part time income was to do some modeling so he’s very conscious about his looks, he’s highly depressed,” Jesse said.

Thai authorities have confiscated the passports of Raymond Chang and Ryan Wang, who have been charged with assault.

Jack had planned to return to Australia for university, but those plans will now have to wait.

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