Former Met police officer guilty of multiple rapes and kidnap

Cliff Mitchell, 24 (Metropolitan Police)
Cliff Mitchell, 24 (Metropolitan Police)

A former Metropolitan Police officer has been convicted of multiple counts of rape and kidnap during a “sickening and sustained campaign of abuse”.

Cliff Mitchell, 24, tied up one of his victims and threatened to stab her and slit her throat.

He also boasted to victims that they wouldn’t be believed because he was a police officer.

Mitchell, of Putney, Wandsworth, was found guilty of 10 counts of rape, three of rape of a child under 13, one count of kidnap and breach of a non-molestation order following a trial at Croydon Crown Court on Wednesday.

He was a serving PC in Hounslow when a number of the offences were committed.

On September 5 2023, Mitchell approached a woman who he raped at knifepoint before blindfolding her with his hooded top, tying her up with cable ties and putting tape over her mouth.

Mitchell forced her and another person to get into his car and she only managed to escape by saying she had to get out of the vehicle because she felt sick.

She was later seen running through traffic by members of the public before a passer-by noticed what was going on and managed to get her in her vehicle, jurors told.

In a 999 call played to the court, the distressed woman told the operator “he’s kidnapped me” and “he’s behind us” as she travelled in the car of the passer-by who had offered help.

The woman, who cannot be named, believed Mitchell was pursuing her in his white Audi.

She also told the call handler that he was a Met officer, the court heard.

An alert was put out for Mitchell’s car and he was stopped and arrested around seven miles away in Putney.

Court artist sketch of Cliff Mitchell (PA)
Court artist sketch of Cliff Mitchell (PA)

An investigation was immediately launched by the Met. Officers searched Mitchell’s car and recovered the hooded top.

A bag containing cable ties, similar to those the victim had described as being used around her wrists, where found at an address linked to Mitchell.

Mitchell had previously been subject to a 2017 rape investigation, which had resulted in no further action.

Following his arrest, the case was re-investigated and a file passed to the Crown Prosecution Service resulting in Mitchell being charged with an additional three counts of rape of a child under 13 and three counts of rape. All charges relating to the second victim occurred between 2014 and 2017.

Mitchell was dismissed from the force in December 2023 following an accelerated misconduct hearing.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stuart Cundy said: “This is a truly shocking case and I am sickened by Mitchell’s abhorrent behaviour and the pain he has caused the victims, who have shown enormous bravery by coming forward and giving evidence in court.

“It is down to their courage that he has been convicted and faces a significant custodial sentence.

“I would also like to recognise the brave member of the public who came to the aid of one of the victims as she ran from Mitchell’s car.

“Mitchell not only carried out a sustained campaign of abuse against both of his victims, but he told one of them she would never be believed due to the fact he was a police officer. This brazen abuse of power makes Mitchell’s actions all the more deplorable.

“I know this is another case which will impact the confidence people have in us. We are doing more than we have done in decades to rid the Met of those who corrupt our integrity, including investing millions of pounds into our professional standards team and bringing in additional officers and staff with specialist skills and experience to investigate criminality and misconduct.

“Part of that is dismissing officers who should not be here at the earliest opportunity. Mitchell was dismissed from the Met in December 2023 - we did not wait for his conviction today.”