'Forest boy' yearns to return to the wild

A boy who was discovered after five years in the wilderness has said he yearns to return to his forest life.

The boy, known only as Ray and dubbed "forest boy", has been having trouble sleeping in a proper bed since he handed himself in to officials two weeks ago, the Daily Mail reported.

Sources close to the boy said he wants to return to the wild, and that everyday things like hot showers and soap have been "unsettling" to him.

The boy is believed to have spent five years in woods south of German captial Berlin, and only decided to turn himself in after his father died of a fall.

Ray had been taken into the forest by his father after his mother had died in a car crash.

He was carrying a rucksack, tent and sleeping back when he gave himself into custody.

The unusual story is credible, according to police, and the unnamed Daily Mail source said it was "unsurprising" that the boy was struggling to sleep in a bed after being outdoors for so long.

"He has indicated that he would be far more comfortable on the forest floor and would prefer to return there to sleep," the source added.

Despite the baffling nature of his story, police said it all adds up so far.

Detectives are now on the hunt for any signs of Ray's father's body. The boy said he buried the body in a shallow grave, but was unable to give an exact location other than south.

Officials are desperate to make Ray a ward of the state so they can begin trying to identify him, and so a caretaker can be appointed.

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