Foreign minister in sexual harassment claims at The Star

Foreign minister in sexual harassment claims at The Star

Star Casino internal incident reports exposed by 7News strengthen allegations that a workplace culture involving drug use, sexual harassment and irresponsible gambling is overlooked.

Revelations from a former Star Casino manager last night in an exclusive 7News report alleged that a senior minister from an overseas government was ejected from the casino for obscene behavior, but later allowed back in.

"He was sexually harassing one of our staff members," former Star Casino duty manager Elizabeth Ward claimed.

"Making some very inappropriate comments about his genitals."

Ward says the senior minister in question 'was worth a lot of money' to the casino, and his behavior was overlooked.

Five internal reports have been revealed by 7News detailing the incident involving a minister, after Star Casino responded by denying the claims.

The documents show that an incident occurred on April 16, 2011 at 7.00am and involved a foreign politician who later rose to become a deputy prime minister.

Allegedly propositioning a dealer for gay sex, the documents accuse the politician of making threats and using obscene language.

Despite allegations of aggressive sexual harassment, the foreign minister was allowed to return to gamble.

Star staff say this is due to declining standards at the casino and support claims that responsible gaming policies have been abandoned.

A current Casino Liquor and Gaming Authority inquiry has requested copies of the 7News interviews as part of their investigation into The Star.