Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum Black first look: A menacing new trim for Ford’s flagship EV truck

With a production run capped at 2,000 vehicles, it's going to be very exclusive.

Photo by Sam Rutherford/Engadget

Since it hit the roads last year, the Platinum edition has been Ford’s top-spec trim for the F-150 Lightning. But sometime in early 2024, Ford is releasing the first “buzz” vehicle for its electric truck which boasts an all-new color scheme that transforms the company’s flagship heavy-duty EV into a truly menacing (but still stylish) machine.

Limited to a run of just 2,000 vehicles with individually numbered badges, even though the Platinum Black edition is largely an appearance pack, it gives off a very different vibe than a regular model. The biggest change is the use of a matte black exterior wrap, which Ford says is the first of its kind on any of its production vehicles. However, the commitment to a new color scheme doesn’t stop there, because Ford tweaked a ton of little elements to drive the design home.

In front, Ford smoked out the Platinum Black’s headlights to add a little extra drama. The company also updated basically all of the truck's badges, eliminating the blue background on the traditional Ford emblem along with the blue detailing on the Lightning logo on the bed, the tailgate and elsewhere. One small but notable design change from the standard model is that on the Platinum Black, Ford also got rid of the fake charging port on the right side of the vehicle, which is something I can get behind. If we can all agree that EVs don’t need fake grilles in front, that’s a pretty logical next step. After all, most ICE cars don’t bother adding faux gas covers for the sake of symmetry, so EVs shouldn’t either.

Some small departures to Ford’s matte color scheme are the use of glossy Agate Black paint on the side mirrors, door handles and running boards, which hide fingerprints better than flat black. Meanwhile on the inside, the F-150 Platinum Black features Nirvana black upholstery (with heated and cooled seats), which is exclusive to this trim. But what really completes the look is the Platinum Black’s wheels which, as you’ve probably guessed, are also matte black including their matching black lug nuts.

The rest of the car shares the same underlying tech and features as the standard Platinum model, which includes upgraded motors that deliver 580 horsepower and 775 pound-feet of torque along with Ford’s extended battery that provides up to 300 miles of range. You also get the 15-inch touchscreen infotainment system, premium 18-speaker B&O sound system, support for Ford’s Blue Cruise hands-free highway driving feature and more.

The only real downside is that in addition to being limited to just 2,000 vehicles, the new top-spec version of Ford’s flagship EV truck also commands a very premium price of $97,995. But if you have the funds and want to try to put your name down on the order sheet, you’re going to have to pay close attention to Ford’s website when pre-orders for the Platinum Black F-150 Lightning go live sometime later this year.