'You can't get mad': Teacher shares hilarious misunderstanding with students

A school teacher is going viral after sharing a hilarious misunderstanding between her and her class.

Shannon Maxey, who is a third-grade teacher at an elementary school in Florida according to BuzzFeed, shared the mix-up in a Facebook post on February 5.

In it, she recounts a recent conversation with a student about her morning routine, which involves drinking a cup of coffee that she sweetens with vanilla almond syrup.

“Student: ‘Mrs. Maxey, I gotta ask you a question, but I have to whisper and you can’t get mad… Why do you keep liquor by your coffee maker?'” Ms Maxey’s post begins.

“Me: ‘Girl that is vanilla syrup for my coffee! You thought I’ve just had liquor out all year?’” she added before explaining how the confusing conversation played out.

Ms Maxey goes on to explain that she confronted her entire class about the syrup — and it turns out, they thought the same thing.

“After I forced them to tell me what they thought it was they said, ‘We just thought you put beer in your coffee every day’,” the teacher wrote.

Ms Maxey told BuzzFeed the reveal explained other behaviour from her students, which she had previously found strange.

A Florida teacher has shared a hilarious misunderstanding she had with her class. Source: Getty Images, file

“In hindsight, every time I would go in for a second cup — which wasn’t every day — the kids would say, ‘Dang Mrs. Maxey, you’re having MORE coffee?’” she said.

The teacher ultimately set her students straight and her story has since gone viral.

Ms Maxey told BuzzFeed she was “so flabbergasted” the kids didn’t confront her earlier, but she also joked in her post she was proud of the way the class handled their suspicions.

“At least I didn’t raise a class of snitches — no one told their parents or admin that Mrs. Maxey was getting lit every morning while teaching,” she wrote.

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