Surprising amount of drugs 'found between man's buttocks'

Police officers who executed a routine traffic stop probably weren’t expecting to find a drug haul of this size –– or in the place they located it.

When authorities in Flagler County, Florida, pulled over a driver for speeding on July 11, they immediately noticed a few things weren’t right.

In addition to the scent of marijuana the deputy could smell wafting out from inside Derick McKay’s silver Ford, the 36-year-old also “appeared nervous and his hands were shaking”, police said.

The deputy had asked McKay about the marijuana smell and asked if he had anything illegal in the vehicle or on his person. McKay replied no.

A quick query that was put into the Flagler County Sheriff’s Communications Centre helped determine McKay had a suspended license with five prior driving with a suspended license convictions.

Upon being arrested and patted down police, the deputy “felt a foreign object near McKay’s buttocks and questioned McKay on the object”.

However, according to police he “refused to release the object”.

Florida man Derick McKay, left, allegedly hid the drugs pictured on the right in his buttocks.
The Florida man was arrested after police reportedly found him hiding drugs in a very personal place. Source: Flagler County Sheriff’s Office Facebook

Despite the threat of being charged with felony if he brought contraband into the jail, McKay refused to remove the item.

“Upon arrival at the jail, McKay was given a final chance to turn over any contraband before being booked into the jail,” police said.

At this point, the suspect finally removed the items from his buttocks.

According to police, this included a large “baggie” that contained a white wet powder substance determined to be cocaine, a small baggie containing a white rock-like substance determined to be crack and eight small baggies containing a brown powdery substance determined to be heroin.

They also said two small baggies containing a pink rock-like substance determined to be ethylone also called Molly, a small baggie containing a green leafy substance determined to be marijuana, 12 white oval pills determined to be Lortab, and 12 green pills determined to be oxycodone were found.

“This was a routine traffic stop that ended with a serious poison peddler behind bars,” Sheriff Rick Staly said.

“This dealer is not new to Flagler County and despite many chances, he just doesn’t seem to learn his lesson and a get a real job.

“I hope the courts deal harshly with him and get him off our streets for good before he sells to someone who overdoses or dies.”

McKay was charged with drug possession with intent to sell as well as with driving with a suspended license.

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