Flight delayed as mystery woman approaches Qantas plane on tarmac

The woman, wearing slippers and waving at the pilot, allegedly broke through an emergency exit to gain tarmac access.

A woman who allegedly broke through an emergency exit and took a stroll onto the tarmac at an Aussie airport, coming dangerously close to a Qantas flight which was about to take off, has been charged.

The incident took place at Canberra Airport at 7.30pm on Wednesday, with bizarre footage showing the woman slowly encircle the aircraft, wearing slippers and using her mobile phone as she approaches, while a stunned pilot and co-pilot look on from the cockpit.

The woman can be seen flailing her arms about, seemingly trying to make contact with the pilot from the ground, before an airport crew member catches on to the antics, and makes his way over to the woman.

The woman is seen dangerously close to the Qantas Link flight.
It didn't take long before airport staff detained the woman, Qantas said. Source: X

Mystery woman reportedly 'missed her flight'

According to witness reports, the woman apparently "missed her flight, decided she could still catch it".

"[She] pushed past the staff at the door and ran down onto the tarmac and ran up to the plane. Literally standing underneath it, next to the front wheel," a traveller wrote on Facebook.

"Lucky the pilot was warned, or spotted her, and killed the engine, he then came back into the gate and ran out the door.

The woman is seen dangerously close to the Qantas Link flight.
The woman allegedly exited a security door at Canberra Airport and proceeded to take a walk around the tarmac. Source: X

"Here is the thing: at no point, even with plenty of staff around, no one stopped her. So much for security. If she was at the cricket she would have been gang tackled," the traveller continued.

"Feel sorry for the people now stuck in the plane. Which was ready to take off."

Traveller 'used emergency exit' to access tarmac, Qantas says

Speaking to Yahoo News Australia, a Qantas spokesperson confirmed the woman used an emergency exit to access the tarmac, but her reasoning for approaching the plane wasn't able to verified.

It's understood the flight was delayed as airport staff apprehended the woman before she was detained by police. Passengers were told to remain onboard the plane while officials cleared it for take off.

Australian Federal Police confirmed to Yahoo News on Thursday the woman was arrested and remains in custody.

"There are no delays to flights and the airport is operating as normal. Further details will be provided at an appropriate time," a police spokeswoman said.

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