Flight attendant serenades passengers on Air Asia flight with no movies

Australian travellers were among those treated to a tune from the crew member in lieu of no in-flight entertainment.

Aussie travellers were among passengers serenaded by a flight attendant performing his own tunes due to there being no in-flight entertainment on board.

Ashleigh and her friend were flying from Cambodia to Vietnam on what appeared to Air Asia when a male flight attendant decided to entertain the passengers himself — singing a rendition of Ed Sheeran's song, Perfect.

The flight attendant can be seen singing into the in-flight intercom (right). Ashleigh can be seen pulling a face on the plane (left).
The Air Asia flight attendant sang the song Perfect by Ed Sheeran for passengers who had no access to in-flight entertainment. Source: TikTok/_ashwebster

The footage captures the two women's reactions to the flight attendant belting out the song over the in-flight intercom while the cabin is silent, except from the occasional giggle.

"I've never been so confused and so happy at once," Ashleigh wrote on TikTok.

People delighted by 'adorable' singing

The comments were overwhelming in favour of the flight attendant "taking his moment" to showcase his singing, with many suggesting a standing ovation would be the only appropriate payback.

"He has no business performing to anybody, but at the same time I love him and hope he thrives," one person wrote online, while another shared his decision was a "blessing" bestowed onto the passengers. Some even recognised the flight attendant and said he also sung tunes on their Air Asia flight.

There are more and more videos now populating the internet of flight attendants breaking the mould and behaving in a way different than standard. Adaptations are often made to the pre-flight safety instructions, with workers coming up with quirky ways to engage and entertain travellers.

One video shared from a Frontier Airlines flight shows a flight attendant refer to the yellow life jacket as a "itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini" which is met with an eruption of laughter, while another video online showings a flight attendant performing the instructions in an exaggerated way with comical facial expressions.

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