Fleur East explains Strictly 'restart' drama

Strictly Come Dancing star Fleur East has opened up about the drama on the show that saw her partner take a tumble that wasn’t aired on television.

The presenter and her dance partner Vito Coppola joined Kaye Adams, Judi Love, Denise Welch and Nadia Sawalha on the Loose Women panel and filled them in on what really happened.

Video transcript

- Incredible, both of you.

FLEUR EAST: Ah, thanks.

- Well, listen, tell us, there's a story in the papers today about the dance off and doing it again. So just tell us what happened, we'll get it out of the way.

VITO COPPOLA: Oh, basically, I find out on the first few seconds of our number, I just fell down on the chair. Literally, it was like a bad fall. Anyway, everyone was gasping there. But, luckily, they made sure that I was OK. So able to restart so. Thank you. And I'm fine. I'm here today. Thank you very much.

- It was a safety thing really. It was about safety, wasn't it? Because that's why you did it?

VITO COPPOLA: Yeah, right.

- You hadn't stopped dancing, so it's not really--

VITO COPPOLA: No, we were actually like continuing somehow. Because we always say to each other, like, anything happen, just let's keep going. Keep continue. And, [? Alicia, ?] I was trying to stand up, anyway to continue. When I told her she was like spinning the wheel.

FLEUR EAST: I was ready. I was like, the show must go on. And then production--