Flaming Lamington drives into GABS

Stouts aren’t new to Nail brewer John Stallwood.

He already has two versions that are already popular on the Australian market.

So he has been keen to take up the Great Australasian Beer Spectapular challenge and devise a dark beer to entertain drinkers at the annual Melbourne festival next month.

Under the GABS rules the beers put up for the three-day even have to be unique, not produced by the brewer before.

So Stallwood has devised a Chocolate Stour with coffee, coconut and chilli. And its name, which is so important at an event such as GABS, is, Flaming Lamington.

“It will be like tasting the cake with a little bit of chili heat thrown in,” Stallwood said.

While the GABS beers can’t have been produced before the event the brews can be continued after the five sessions of tastings at the Melbourne Royal Exhibition Building.

And Stallwood plans to release the Flaming Lamington later in the year.

More than 120 unique drops will be available at GABS 2014. A total of 11 WA breweries – Bootleg, Cheeky Monkey, Colonial Brewing, Duckstein, Eagle Bay, Feral, Homestead, Indian Ocean, Nail, Naked Monkey and The Monk will participate in the event, starting on May 22.

The event will also move to Sydney for a one-day session the following week.

They’ve given drinkers Australia. Now a band of beer aficionados want to give craft lovers the taste of the world.

BeerBud has created a strong niche in the brewing market with their ability to ship a variety of local concoctions across the country.

The team now wants to expand and take a few customers along for the ride.

BeerBud has launched a crowd-funding campaign designed to raise that would allow the company to import more beers from overseas.

“We’ve already identified thousands of beers from hundreds of breweries which we can get our hands on,” explains Andy Williamson, co-founder of BeerBud.com.au.

“But we need some help to purchase those beers up-front. So we’ve launched a crowd funding campaign where you can lend your support, vote for your favourite beers, and in return get 15% off an unlimited amount of beer for up to 5 years which is essentially wholesale prices.”

Supporters can choose between rewards offering beer at wholesale prices for one, three or five years, VIP access to pre-sales and special offers, or a mixed case pre-sale containing 16 of the best international beers they find.

Last year California based Stone Brewing Company raised US$2.5m on Indiegogo, setting a new record for most contributors to any campaign. Closer to home, New Zealand’s burgeoning craft brewing industry has led the boom in equity crowd funding, with Renaissance Brewing raising over NZ$700,000 in a week and a half and Yeastie Boys raising NZ$500,000 in under 30 minutes.

For more details go to www.beerbud.com.au/crowdfunding.