Fisherman’s 'crazy' stunt leaves him covered in black ink for WEEKS

The fisherman willingly smothered himself with the squid ink while fishing.

Black squid ink has only just faded from an Aussie fisherman's arms after he decided to cover himself with it to demonstrate how "powerful" it is to others.

The professional squid fisherman was working off the coast of Western Port in Victoria on March 29 when he caught a "very small squid" roughly 500 grams in weight. He decided to pull apart the southern calamari squid to find the "little bag" which contains jet black ink, something the cephalopods usually spray at predators to distract them while they escape.

The fisherman was covered in black ink after he covered his hands and arms with them (right). He pulled  the southern calamari squid apart on March 29 (left).
The fisherman was covered in black ink for two weeks after he decided to smother it onto his hands and arms while fishing off Western Port in Victoria. Source: TikTok

However, after catching the squid, the fisherman decided to pour its ink onto his hands and smother his bare skin with it, leaving his hands and arms stained jet black — in a move he admittedly called "crazy".

For the last two weeks he has walked around with the stain on his skin.

"Yeah it’s embarrassing," he confessed to Yahoo News while speaking about the reactions of the people he's passed day-to-day. "I would drive down the freeway waving to everyone yelling, 'That’s the squid arms!!'".

The fisherman sits in the driver's seat of a car holding out his arms with the black ink on them (left) and does the same indoors (right).
The fisherman admitted it's been 'embarrassing' going about his daily life with the ink on his skin. Source: TikTok

Fisherman reveals the 'biggest mistake' of stunt

The fisherman explained to Yahoo News he made the decision to cover himself with the ink to "show the world how incredibly powerful it is" and explained it isn't the first time he has done it, but admitted his "biggest mistake" was letting the ink dry this time.

"Now it's like a crust on me... that's what you’re going to put up with if you’re going to muck around with squid ink," he said.

The ink, which is known to stain piers and jetties, has finally faded from the fisherman's skin and he alleges that beer was the key ingredient to helping him remove it.

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