First picture of Schapelle Corby 'unmasked' since release from jail


In the first unmasked photo of Schapelle Corby to emerge since her release on parole from prison, the convicted drug smuggler can be seen smiling and drinking an ice cold beer.

The photo, believed to be taken yesterday at the luxury Sentosa Seminyak hotel, shows Corby and her brother Michael sharing a celebratory drink.

The photo was supplied to News Limited and appeared on the Daily Telegraph website this afternoon.

It was first published in Woman's Day on its website but has since been pulled after confusion over who took the photo, and who paid for it.

The Sydney Morning Herald claims Corby's sister, Mercedes, contacted Fairfax on Tuesday evening to say she had taken the photograph and had not sought or received payment from Woman’s Day.

Woman's Day pulled the picture from their website amid confusion over who took, and who paid for the photo.

In the photo Corby is still wearing the white t-shirt, black vest and checkered hat she wore as she was escorted from Bali's Kerobokan Prison flanked by Bali police and prison staff.

Until now Corby had obscured her face from the world, with even the Indonesian parole authorities who will be monitoring her given only a brief glimpse.

She kept her face hidden under a sarong, scarf and hat as she was driven first to the prosecutor's office in a prison van and then to the corrections office, known as Bapas, in a private car.

After nine years in jail Corby has been keeping her comments to officials brief, yet her sister Mercedes has rubbished claims Schapelle has inked a lucrative deal to tell her story.

"Recent media reports about payment to Schapelle for an interview are completely wrong," Mercedes Corby said in a statement.

"The sums being reported are ridiculous. If Schapelle feels that she wants to tell her story to the Australian public, she will do it with someone she trusts. It was never a matter of going with the highest bidder."

Mercedes Corby also addressed rumours Seven's Sunday Night had landed the interview.

"We also love the style of Sunday Night, particularly as we believe Mike Willesee is a great choice of interviewer and has an incredible journalistic background."

"This choice was made easier with Channel Nine broadcasting a film based on a book Sins of the father which is full of false allegations and which we are taking defamation action against."

Fairfax media reports Mike Willesee has been staying at the same hotel as Schapelle since her release, Sentosa Seminyak, but has not yet spoken with her.