After Being Convicted Of 34 Felony Charges, Here's What Trump Looked Like Leaving The Courtroom

Donald Trump is guilty! Specifically, on 34 felony charges of falsifying business documents to cover up an alleged affair with porn performer Stormy Daniels right before the 2016 election.

Donald Trump wearing a suit and blue tie, walking followed by another man. Both have serious expressions
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The trial was already historic as the first criminal trial of any president, but it is extra significant as, A.) It's likely only one of Trump's four criminal trials that will go to a jury pre-election, and B.) He was found guilty.

Donald Trump speaks while wearing a suit and tie
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Now, cameras were not allowed in the courtroom while the verdicts were read. Instead, this is the first photo uploaded to Getty of Trump arriving to speak to the press following his conviction.

Donald Trump is surrounded by police officers and security personnel indoors, appearing deep in thought
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CNN wrote of that moment in the courtroom, "Trump stared straight ahead during the verdict reading and when the acquittal motion was denied. Frowning, the former president grabbed his son Eric's hand and shook it rapidly, before starting to walk out of the courtroom. Trump was red in the face, and both father and son looked upset." So the mental image will have to suffice for that one.

  Steven Hirsch / POOL/AFP via Getty Images
Steven Hirsch / POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Personally, I recommend looking for the glare of Trump's lawyer Todd Blanche as it burns through the screen.

  SETH WENIG/POOL/AFP via Getty Images
SETH WENIG/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Indeed, the tone of the images oscillates somewhere between rage and defeat.

Donald Trump surrounded by several police officers and security personnel with a barrier displaying the State of New York emblem in the foreground
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He left the Manhattan courthouse on a street sectioned off from the public. I know this not because I am a reporter, but because it was a nightmare getting an Uber after my courthouse wedding two weeks ago.

Donald Trump walks near a building entrance, surrounded by security personnel and officials in suits
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He appeared in higher spirits upon returning to Trump Tower, where he mouthed, "Thank you" — despite some of the crowd reportedly chanting, "Lock him up!"

Donald Trump raises his fists while walking with security personnel in an outdoor setting
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Let's end on a classic, eh?

Donald Trump in a suit and tie poses for a mugshot, looking directly at the camera with a serious expression
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