FIRST ON 7: Where is Solo Man now?

Mike Duffy

Mark Coutelas was the ultimate Australian bloke.

In 1988, he was our answer to Indiana Jones and few boys grew up not wanting to be just like the Solo Man.

But now in a fall from glory, 7 News can reveal that the Solo Man is behind bars in Thailand and is serving time after police found a gun and crystal meth inside his home.

7 News visited him in Phuket Prison and as our exclusive pictures show his distinctive moustache is no more and he's almost unrecognsiable.

Mr Coutelas wasn't just the Solo Man.

He was he was also a high-flying chiropractor based in Sydney's Northern Beaches.

He moved with the rich and famous and owned homes worth millions of dollars, but that was before his world came crashing down, first in Australia then in Phuket.

Mark Coutelas was the ultimate Australian bloke but his life came crashing down and he moved to Thailand and has since been sent to prison. Photo: Facebook

He bought an oceanfront house in Collaroy from NRL star Brad Fittler for $3 million in 2007.

It was just one of three homes he owned but after suffering losses on their sale and losing a bundle on the futures market, he moved to Thailand.

Inside Phuket Prison he told investigations reporter Mike Duffy: "I simply never settled down. I always loved to party.

"I like to live on the dark side, some people do, Phuket is perfect for that."

Coutelas' Facebook account shows his wild lifestyle on the party island and his arrest pictures paint the final picture of his downfall.

Thousands of Australians let loose in Phuket and the former Solo Man says even though tourists should still take heed.

He says Thailand is a country under a strict military regime and he warns punishments can be harsh.

Chris McLaren, police patrol and former friend of Coutelas, told 7 News: "When they do get caught and they're at the police station they seem to think they have the same rights as in Australia - they can start abusing the police.

"Once you start disrespecting the police here you're in a different world, it doesn't matter how much money you have, the policeman is going to have to appease his anger."

But the kayaking Solo Man could soon be back in Australia because he is due for parole just before Christmas.