Firies stunned by find in 'destroyed' house: 'Diamond in the rough'

The find has been deemed a silver lining after the house was completely destroyed.

Firies in the midst of extinguishing a house fire were stunned after a dog emerged from the ruins and "trotted" towards them covered in "fire-fighting foam".

The fire broke out in the early hours of Thursday morning in a residential home in the NSW Hunter Region, with a woman crying out for help before fleeing the property. NSW Firefighters arrived at the scene to battle the blaze, with the Singleton home completely consumed by flames. They created a "defensive perimeter" in order to protect neighbouring homes which proved successful.

NSW Firies were stunned by the discovery of a pet dog covered in foam (left). Right, a firefighter holds the small dog while wearing protective gear.
NSW Firies were stunned by the discovery of a pet dog named Black Diamond after his home was destroyed in a house fire. Source: Fire and Rescue NSW

After an hour the firefighters were able to gain control of the flames and the decision was made to "douse hot spots" identified as structurally weak after the property was determined to be at risk of collapse. It was during this process the dog — a chihuahua named 'Black Diamond' — emerged from the ruins.

Dog was 'scared' but completely unscathed

The dog was covered in "soot" as well as the "harmless" fire-fighting foam, but was otherwise unharmed from the blaze. However, when a female firefighter tried to approach the animal it bit her on the thumb clearly distressed and "scared" from the incident.

Firefighters direct water onto the smoking building from a hose, with a car burnt and the house ruined.
The home in NSW Hunter Valley was completely destroyed by the fire. Source: Fire and Rescue NSW

The firefighter was treated in hospital for a minor wound while the dog was cleaned up and checked for injuries, before being reunited with his owner.

The home was completely destroyed and the cause of the fire remains unknown at this stage, however, firefighters are delighted to have found the 'diamond in the rough' despite the condition of the property.

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