Firie who told Scott Morrison to 'get f***ed' reveals the one perk since his outburst

A firefighter who made national news for hitting out at Scott Morrison while battling bushfires says he hasn’t paid for a single beer since his outburst

Paul Parker, from Nelligen on the NSW south coast, took aim at the Prime Minister during a Channel 7 broadcast in early January.

He flagged down the camera crew from the driver’s side of a his fire truck before asking “are you from the media?”

Nelligen fire fighter, Paul Parker, had a a blunt message for Scott Morrison while fighting fires. Source: 7 News.

“Tell the prime minister to go and get f***ed from Nelligen.

“We really enjoy doing this s***,” he continued sarcastically before giving a thumbs-up and driving off.

He was later seen collapsed on the ground, saying he had lost seven homes in the area.

It was later revealed Mr Parker’s home had been damaged by the bushfires as he was trying to save his neighbours’ homes. 

Mr Parker said Morrison’s holiday to Hawaii during the bushfire crisis and his comments about not paying volunteer firies “because they enjoy what they do” set him off. 

Mr Parker is seen enjoying a cold beer at The Steampacket Hotel. Source: The Steampacket Hotel

It appears many of his fellow Australians felt the same way. 

On Friday, his local pub, The Steampacket Hotel, revealed strangers from across the country have kept his tab stocked with cash ever since.

“Pretty much every day someone comes in and puts their money down, telling us to buy a few beers for that bloke who got stuck into the Prime Minister," Joel Alvey, licensee of the hotel, told SMH. 

"We've had people ringing up from all around Australia, wanting to transfer money so Paul doesn't need to pay for his own beers.

"A lady from Brisbane raised $150 through a GoFundMe campaign. A bloke from Adelaide rang just today and is sending $20. I suppose about $500 has turned up, and it keeps coming," he told the publication.

On Friday afternoon, the Steampacket Hotel staff posted several images of Mr Parker enjoying one of his free beers to Facebook. 

“Thanks for all the donations for Paul Parker’s tab at the Steampacket Hotel, he is happily enjoying a couple now. Paul and fellow members of Nelligen have also started a West Nelligen Community Brigade and are seeking donations to get the brigade a fire truck,” staff wrote. 

MP Jason Clare told Parliament this week Mr Parker’s ever increasing bar tab shows Morrison had failed "the ultimate pub test".

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