'Vegan' fined for drunken rampage after being denied 200 chicken nuggets at Macca's drive through

Evan Batten

A so-called "vegan" who abused staff at a Sydney McDonald's when they couldn't serve him 200 chicken McNuggets has been fined $1000 - making it one very expensive Macca’s run.

It was just before 5am on Remembrance Day and the 30-year-old IT worker was about to do something he'd much rather forget.

When the heavily intoxicated Kole Olsen went to the Thornleigh Macca’s drive through he was refused the nuggets, because they weren't on the breakfast menu.

A 'Vegan' man had a meltdown at a Sydney Macca's drive through when he was refused chicken nuggets during breakfast time. Source: 7 News

Not taking no for an answer, he passed the drive through three times. Abusing staff, Olsen told workers "I want my f****** nuggets!" and "I am going to f*** you all up.”

On the fourth lap he changed his order to hash browns, ordering 200 of those.

Kole Olsen pleaded guilty to high-range drink driving and was fined $1000. Source: 7 News

Staff gave him the hash browns, locked the doors and called the police. He blew 0.175, which was three and-a-half-times the limit.

At the Hornsby Local Court on Thursday, Magistrate Daniel Reiss described his behaviour as crazy, bizarre and completely out of control.

He was denied 200 chicken nuggets and had a meltdown, so he then ordered 200 hash browns instead. Source: 7 News

He insisted Olsen must have been more than just very drunk but also on drugs or suffering mental health issues.

Olsen today pleaded guilty to high range drink driving and his licence was suspended for nine months. He was also placed a 12-month good behaviour bond.